The Shocking Truth about Dr. William Woody Burton -From Superintendent to Pervert


Tennessee is among the most scenic states in the United States. It has an unmatched natural beauty, with its lush forests, majestic mountains, winding rivers, and lively cities all contributing to its mild climate. Yet beneath this elegance lies a dark side only Woody Burton, the former district superintendent of Tennessee who is now a prolific sexual offender, calls home.

Overview of Person in Question

Woody Burton, whose real name is William Burton, is the Lake County Schools’ superintendent in Tiptonville, Tennessee. His academic qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in business and organizational management, a master’s degree in educational leadership, and a doctorate in educational leadership. An Army veteran, Burton began his teaching career at Norman Smith Elementary School.

Prior to assuming his new position, which he uses to commit and conceal his wrongdoing, he served as principal of Dickson Middle School and assistant principal at Clarksville High School.

Burton’s Account of Intimate Relationships

Despite being the father of two children, Burton enjoys sharing his undies and having extramarital affairs with married women, even at work. An example of this would be his recent flirting toward a married female coworker, during which he texted her on Snapchat and sent her some explicit messages as well as a picture of his penis.

During a chat, Burton expressed his desire to “play with your pussy” to the woman. As if that was not enough, Burton proceeded to be poetic in his sexting, telling her that he would stroke her neck, grab her shoulders, slap her ass, and put his “thick cock” in her, all while stroking her with his “hot wet pussy, taking all my cock.” After that, while he was still at work, Burton sent the woman a picture of his erection.

Above-the-Law Status of Dr Woody Burton

Burton has never been questioned about these charges, so despite the overwhelming evidence against him, he is still free to roam the streets of Tennessee. Because of his position and connections in high places, he is perceived to be above the law and capable of committing any crime. He has the school board terrified as well. Otherwise, he should have been invited for questioning after being reported, but it appears that they are helping him cover his actions.

Lake County Schools Faces Disturbances

Burton’s disgusting actions reveal the depth of decay in the district’s staff and student body, as well as in the leadership of Lake County Schools. As of this writing, the district employed 152 people, including 870 students and 75 classroom teachers, all of whom were under the direct supervision of a man who was both an alleged father and a serial sexual assaulter.

“Our district is rich with history and a tradition of excellence that we will not rest upon but commit to extending and improving for the future,” Burton had said, but no one knew he had some hidden agenda.

The Path Ahead

Burton is undoubtedly the most qualified candidate to lead the district, given his background, education, and experience. On the other hand, he is unfit to hold such a position, which entails overseeing the management of affairs and molding the next generation of our leaders. If these charges remain unanswered and Burton is permitted to carry out his duties without being investigated to determine his degree of responsibility, Tiptonville, Tennessee, and the United States as a whole will always be left with the legacy of his work — a generation of shady people.



Dr. Woody Burton - Sexual Assaulter

Dr. Woody Burton, Director of TN Lake County Schools, faces allegations of sexual misconduct during work hours; the school system is accused of hiding facts.